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Web Hosting Plans

Web Hosting Plans

Basically, when you are having a hard time determining what to choose from all the choices given, your first move is to compare the choices. So, in the case of choosing a web hosting provider to give you a quality website for your online business, you have to compare the available web hosting providers. However, since most of the features are highly alike, the best solution for you is to compare such providers based on the web hosting Plans offered by the web host services. And in order to know such plans, it is only right to read hosting reviews written by users and professional review writers to have a better comparison.
There are lots of websites nowadays where you can find several reviews but not all of those sites’ reviews are of pure honesty or any indication of being biased. To help you with, I recommend you to visit the web page of Best Web Hosting Planner which gives you idea about web hosting plans since all their web hosting reviews are hundred percent accurate and unbiased.
Best Web Hosting Planner recommends users to know more about the basics of a web hosting service in order to have a better outlook when deciding on the type of web hosting plan that you should employ for your future website. And to help you with that, here are the guidelines that you need to look for once reading web hosting reviews – guidelines that web hosting providers should possess or have.
1. Marketing Credits
– This helps in boosting a website’s popularity.
2. Website Tools
– Drag and drop website creation tools and access to templates.
3. Shopping Cart
– A web host provider should offer installation of application such as shopping carts with combination to PayPal.
4. Free Domain
– A newly registered user has the privilege to use a domain name within one year free of charge.
5. CMS Support
– Support for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, the most popular content.
As of the moment, Best Web Hosting Planner has several reviews about 7 web host providers:

  • iPage
  • FatCow
  • Web Hosting Hub
  • BlueHost
  • JustHost
  • InMotion
  • HostMonsters2

And among these 7 web hosts, three of them have possessed the web hosting plans qualifications stated in the guidelines above.
1. iPage
a. Beginner- friendly tools for website building
b. Easy installation features for blogging, photo gallery and e- commerce applications
c. Tools to enhance yours or your business’ professional image
d. World- class security features
2. FatCow
a. Use of their basic site builder free of charge
b. Support for MySQL database and php 5
c. Green Hosting
d. Use of installation wizards
e. Use of selling and online store tools
f. Regular reports about your website’s visibility
3. Web Hosting Hub
a. Access to advanced security systems with suphp
b. Freebies for web ads
c. Free domain transfer or registration
d. Access to premium site builder
Visit Best Web Hosting Planner to read more reviews about web hosting providers, you can also read their blogs and check the services they are offering.

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