FATCOW REVIEW – What Are The Features Of A Fatcow Web Hosting Service?


Fatcow Review

Fatcow Review

There are several web hosting service providers in the market right now. It is inevitable that in the cyber market world, these service providers go into the competition as well. Each of them would offer features in that some are the same with other service providers, they still do have a unique feature that would isolate them from the rest of their competitors. Each of these service providers has much enough to say on what they could offer in order to help you to get successful with your online business. But who among these web hosting service providers really have the say when it comes to making you successful in your online business?


One of the leading web hosting service providers in the market right now is the fatcow. We will be having a fatcow review on what services they offer so that you can check if this is the right web hosting service that you are looking for to assist you in running your business. In our fatcow review, we will be checking on how this web hosting service will be helpful to us in our goal for our online business. To begin with, fatcow web hosting service, it will give you unlimited access to features like bandwidth, disk space, domains, email accounts, FTP accounts and sub-users. One of the best features of this service is the free use of their site builder which is a point and click type. They do have professionally made templates that you can use for your site’s theme. Another fatcow review is that their tools support mysql databases and php 5. They also use green hosting method using wind for powering their data centers. This is one good choice for those site owners who are environment friendly and wish not to harm it. One of the features of this review is that it has easy installation tools for blogging, photo uploading, catalog and coupon making purposes. This is also a tool that you can use for easy payment collection via Paypal. Unlike your physical store, it will be easy for you to run your online store because there are inventories and notifications running it in real time. Added to these features, our fatcow review would say that this is one good web hosting service that store owner should get because they will be able to see their status regarding the number of site visits they had in a day. Last in our fatcow review is the reliability of the service. In order to keep the site running and minimize its downtime, fatcow would usually run backup generators coupled with the company’s load balance connection, to ensure that your site will have uninterrupted connections. They also have crews that monitor the system in real time so that they will be able to address irregularities in the connection flow immediately. Apart from the live crew monitoring the connection, they also have phone customer support reps that are mandated to answer your call not longer than 2 minutes. After the issue has been discussed, you will be given a deadline about what time or how long you will expect for the issue to be fixed and they would strictly stick to the deadline they set for you.
With a thorough feature discussion on the one that we did in our fatcow review, you will now be entitled to your decision whether you would want to get their service for your site. This is one web hosting service as is highly recommended right now in the market.

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